Our latest, coolest collection: VADA

From VADA:

Texas meets Tokyo in VADA Eyes' Collection II. Advancing the brand's tenets of hybrids and duality first established with its founding eyewear style, the Siren, the new Tokio, Texas collection conjures an aesthetic conversation between two far-apart lands.

References exist, naturally, at unexpected intersections: Crowded crosswalks and crystal-clear constellations. The 80's underground and 80 mile-per-hour highways. High-rises and the high plains. Also called to mind are Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas, and the art island of Naoshima, Japan. Remote zones of insulated inspiration, these towns are unified in their separateness, related in their singularity. Both are places where the natural world collides with supernatural works of art. They speak their soliloquies into the surrounding silence, yet echo one another from across the Earth.

It is in this spirit that VADA Eyes was formed – of juxtaposition, geometry and jazz. Of feminine and masculine, of artist and object. Of reverence and rebellion. Convening at the corner of Watanabe's disco punks and vintage rhinestone cowboys, where watercolor skies meet dusty desert terrain, Collection II derives its name from an actual place: Tokio, Texas, a ghost town in the far western reaches of the state.


What is this place?

We are an optometry clinic. We aim to give you the best experience in caring for every aspect of your eyes and vision. We provide individualized vision testing, preventative eye health examinations, urgent medical eye care, and accessible vision technology for all types of people. We also have a deep selection of new and vintage eyewear.


What should I expect at my first appointment?

At your first routine visit, we will give you a comprehensive exam and address any eye or vision issues that you have. If you wear contact lenses, then you can wear them to the appointment. Please bring your glasses too, along with information on your current contact lens brand and base curve.


Do you take insurance?

Yes and we bill them directly for exams and glasses.

We are providers for many vision benefit networks. We wish it was as simple as just listing the companies, but some of them are absurd, deceitful corporations that profit off of your misunderstanding. We are happy to look up your plan details for you and help you understand them. Just email us at info@eyeeye.care

If you are having any symptoms such as eye redness, eye pain, or other non-routine eye problems, then you do not need "vision insurance" for that. We can bill it to your regular medical insurance as a specialist office visit.


Do you do the lenses too?

Yes, all the lenses. We have our own lab, and we have access to other independent labs. We can customize them just the way you like it.


What's the parking situation?

At the Capitol Hill location, most of the time you can find a 2-hour spot on our block. Around 4 it gets tougher but there are a few garages close by.

At the Leschi location, there is usually plenty of free 2-hour parking within one block of our office.


What is astigmatism?

This is the #1 FAQ. It means your eye focuses light at one plane differently than light at the opposite plane. For example, you may see the vertical part of a letter more clearly than the horizontal part. Or it could be one part of the letter X more clearly than the other part if your astigmatism is oblique.